If you want to view data in your graph database, you can connect to database directly.

First you need to open console/terminal (if you are using docker) and enter the following command:

docker exec -it otnode bash

Then you must find Arangod process and stop it.

Try with:

arangod stop

If you are not successful then run:

ps -A

find PID number of the process (for example 12) and kill it with:

kill 12

Then setup listening endpoint for Arango with:

cd /etc/arangodb3/

and than:

 nano arangod.conf

Change endpoint value from to

Then you can start arangod again with:


If you are still in container then type:


We propose that you restart the entire node with:

docker stop otnode


docker start otnode

You can connect to ArangoDB by typing your IP and Port (default 8529) in your web browser. Then type your db login parameters:

If you are having troubles connecting, try to turn off your firewall.

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